Why Racism Isn’t as Bad as We Thought!

For the past 60 years, being called a racist, was a way to shut people up. Unfortunately for the far left, they overplayed their hand over the last 10 years and now being called a racist is starting to be considered cool. The main problem with always calling someone racist, even if it were a bad thing, is they never define what it is. Does it mean someone who hates everyone other than his or her own race? Does it mean they prefer segregation but not necessarily hate anyone? What do they mean by it?
I guess we need to observe why it has become a cool thing to be called racist. Look at Richard Spencer and others who are in the alt right who are always called racist. Notice how they aren’t going away. In fact, they’re getting more popular. The reason for this is because being true to your race speaks to a person’s subconscious and shows others that it’s okay to prefer your own race to others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. As many would consider racist, many young people are recognizing the blindingly obvious benefits of this. Just in basic observation, one could easily see that it doesn’t seem to be discouraging people of such. In fact, blatantly racist policies are becoming extremely popular in America as well as europe. Just google search, “Russians beat Migrant” or “funny racist jokes”. It’s very relieving to see that the public is no longer afraid of being called racist as societies have practiced racist policies all throughout history without anyone really fearing for their safety and it doesn’t have to do necessarily with them being less evolved.
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We can all rest assured that the racism is nothing to be afraid of and finally come to terms with our own prejudices. Realizing that it’s nothing to really be afraid of is the first step.

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