Why did African Nations not Develop like European Countries?

I think it’s time we took an honest look at this question. There is no doubt that only 200 years ago, there was a massive difference between European Cultures(and really there still is) and African Cultures. Whereas Aryan nations had not only created incredible cultural art, music, theater, but also the scientific method exploration, technology and the list goes on and on, the african countries were still basically in the stone age, with the exception of Northern Africa, although those aren’t actually Negroid races. The Northern African countries were racially Hamites and are actually Caucasian. That doesn’t mean they’re aryan, but they aren’t actually black. The question remains, why did Aryan Culture virtually blow every other culture away. For the purposes of this argument, I will focus on the African continent.
So there are several theories on why this has occurred. A very popular postulation is that there hadn’t existed the development of agriculture and thus because of this, everyone had to stay perpetually hunter gatherer societies and not be able to create large metropolitan areas like all of the Aryan Empires such as the Sumerian, Hittite, Phoenician etc or even non Aryan Empires like the Chinese or Egyptian civilizations. These cultures had an agricultural system in place that allowed people to specialize in crafts other than finding food. Well what could be an explanation for why they didn’t develop farming or domesticating animals. Again one theory explains that the climate in which they lived did not allow for mass farming on any scale and did not actually correlate with the brains of the African people. The massive problem with this theory is that when Dutch settlers began to settle in South Africa during the mid 1800s they were able to farm without trouble at all. In fact, you may have heard of them… the Boers. Boer means farmer. Have you ever heard of the Boer wars? So we can say it didn’t have anything to do with climate.
There was another theory that maybe the Africans did not develop the brain power over thousands and thousands of years. Europeans developed farming and all kinds of massive human advances because we were always fighting mother nature. When winter comes around, Europeans knew they had to store enough food so they could eat during the cold months. This forced them to think about the future and set goals and make massive leaps in science to survive and made life a lot easier. This is probably a very good explanation for it. Then again, it’s not like Africans didn’t have their own problems. They had a lot of wild animals running around like lions, baboons, elephants. Are you telling me that this wouldn’t force you to advance and become the lord over these beasts?
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It’s probably a combination of several factors, unfortunately a piece to this puzzle is a rather uncomfortable one for many. Maybe they didn’t advance because they don’t have the intellectual capacity for it. Aryanism has been under attack for this, which probably has more to do with jealousy than anything else. The Aryan Race does not need to apologize for our advances in almost everything. We have a lot to be proud of and in fact should take some credit back that we originally gave without being called racist. It’s not white supremacy to be proud and have some white pride in the cultural and scientific successes of the Aryan Race. Let’s look at any credit given to blacks over the last 200 years that they supposedly earned. Well we know George Washington Carver didn’t invent peanuts, peanut butter, or really anything. Rock and Roll was actually a rougher version of country which came from the Scotch Irish people of Kentucky and Tennessee. The reason these people are given credit for these achievements is mainly pitty. These are unearned successes that black people had little to do with. So the Aryan race should stop giving undue titles and dishonestly promoting black people for things they did not earn. Don’t even get me started on Barack Obama.

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