What will the world look like Post “Diversity”?

So I’ve been asked this question several times in the past 4 months. It seems that “diversity” and globalism for that matter is on its way out. After the brexit referendum, Donald Trump’s rise in popularity, not to mention the success of American Renaissance’s message, we can clearly see that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.
So first of all, why is this happening? From the beginning of time, in the animal kingdom, like animals stick together. That is the way it works. When we tried to force integration when it comes to blacks, american indians, as well as many other ethnic groups, the overall attempt, while noble and notable, failed miserably. The reason for this failure is because when you have more than one culture and ethnic group, they cannot really coexist without one trying to overtake the other. The other downfall is the fact that actually asking one to forcefully assimilate is really disrespectful to either side and thus another ineffective concept.

diversitySo now onto the meat of the article. What will the world look like post diversity? A lot of people(mainly people on the left) are terrified by this prospect. What does this mean? It means that diversity as it has been promoted for the last 50 years doesn’t work and in fact can’t work. The short answer is, the world will be fine and in fact a form of real diversity will exist again. What this means is each race will develop its own cultures again, rather than pretending like all races and cultures are the same and can coexist within a society. The truth is, the modern day concept of “diversity” is actually very old. Many civilizations tried this, whether it be the babylonian empire, persian empire, spain(however reluctantly) or countless others. Every attempt failed for the very reason that diversity promotes mistrust, conflict, and extreme friction. Well if that’s the short answer, the long answer would be, just sit back and watch.

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