What Will Leftists be Doing When Diversity Fades Away?

With everything going on, I think it is truly appropriate to talk about what the white left wing beta cucks will do after the inevitable swinging back of the pendulum destroying everything they tried to create. This is the top 5 things leftists will do with their time post diversity.

5. Leftwing baby boomer politicians will be imprisoned for treason, when it’s discovered they never had Eurocentric national interest concerns or commitments.
4. The Jewish heads of different institutions will go to debtors prison for not paying on their mortgages of academic programs that no one wants to indulge in. Hollywood directors and producers will be dumbfounded at how any idiot can write a good movie and get it to the public immediately without them. The media will realize they are no longer relevant or cool and will slowly become comedy shows much like the daily show with less truth.
3. The feminists will get fatter and less healthy than they already are and pretend like they choose not to be with men, when in reality no one would fuck them anyway.
2. Reading over Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” to see if he talked about what happened in the event that the plan falls through.
1. It doesn’t matter because they don’t have children and we won’t be burdened with their future generations.
Did anyone see those coming? I sure didn’t. I’m glad I’m not a leftist because I would be shitting myself now or trying to come up with an excuse for why I wasn’t a white nationalist. You know… something like “Oh I thought it was opposite day”.

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