Were the Smurfs Racist?

Now already you might be asking what is the Smurfs show doing even close to the realm of an Alt-Right culture publication? What does it even have to do remotely with aryanism? There have been rumors that the smurfs was actually a racist show. The reason for this belief stems from the fact that whenever the darker smurfs enter the picture, they are more or less persecuted by the lighter smurfs. This cartoon series has been thrown under the bus as an old school show with an outdated message. The only problem with this is that not wanting certain people in your society is a natural thought process that everyone on the planet practices. Even people who say they don’t discriminate at the very least don’t like people who do discriminate in their community. The left’s paradoxical way of thinking is very much regressing, hence the over the top “wanting” for “diversity” in institutions such as Hollywood, the media(old media), and Academia.
In the show, there are countless examples of where the main characters which are lighter skinned smurfs keep the darker ones out, restrain them, and have even contemplated a cure or a final solution to the smurf problem. Obviously, you are probably seeing the parallel between the Smurfs and the Aryan Master race theory. Of course the darker smurfs in the show are always portrayed as being angry, antagonistic, and confrontational. I know it sounds silly to examine this cartoon in such a way, but the left started the conversation and thus deserves to be answered and taken down. It sounds like “diversity” advocates are against the segregation of the two kinds of smurfs only because they are different colors and whether or not the darker smurfs are dangerous or would make a contribution to society is irrelevant.
So the question we have to address is which is more important, “diversity” or culture? “Diversity” has become such a waste of time for the simple fact that so much effort has to go into it in order for it to even appear to be working. Now I’ll probably be criticized for saying that we shouldn’t do something because it’s hard. This is true though. Whenever the effort you put into a system just to go about day to day life exceeds that of progressing in technology, art, culture, and other parts of society, that is a massive problem for everyone. The fact is, everyone segregates themselves according to race. Only in hollywood movies do kids have a member from every race on the planet in their circle of friends. This never happens in real life unless it’s forced. Go to any high school and you will see blacks sitting at one table, whites sitting at another, and mexicans sitting at yet another. Imagine a world where we don’t have to waste time on diversity training at work, where aryans can be proud of our accomplishments, and people don’t have to enter into a reluctant interracial relationship just to prove they aren’t racist. I know it may be redundant by now, but it is absolutely necessary to stress the importance of Aryan pride at least in Aryan nations. The greatest gift you can give your children at this stage of the game is a sense of white pride. Aryans are the smallest minority on the planet, but are being treated as though they have everyone in chains. I know again it might be extremely repetitive at this point, but why is a cartoon like the Smurfs being scrutinized when an actually racist movie,displaying black racism, “White chicks” goes untouched? I don’t know about you, but I think we need more lighter colored smurfs in the world.

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