Does Interracial Dating Occur Naturally?

A lot of people wonder why there have been a “surge” in interracial relationships over the past few decades. The answer is a lot easier than you would think. It’s a combination of white guilt, pop culture influence, and as usual the media. In a weird way, the media and pop culture are the institutions that actually help implement white guilt, oikophobia, and dishonest dating.
Now if people legitimately wanted to date interracially, that would be one thing, however the evidence seems to suggest that in fact it’s most likely white people, due to the media pounding into them that they are somehow guilty of crimes that aren’t real, pop culture telling people this is how to act and political correctness and cultural marxism. “Diversity” was originally thought up by marxists as a way to tear down western civilization, which was built by aryans, and our way of life. The reason I put diversity in quotes is because it’s not really diversity if it’s forced and unwanted. A lot of people on the left have said that this is just conspiracy theory, but the thing is, cultural marxists admitted to this. The frankfurt school as it’s commonly known as and Saul Alinsky said they wanted to tear it down. Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals”. The argument is over. Who are they arguing with?
Now I just wanted to give a background to how “diversity” has been implemented. The reason I call it Dishonest dating is because different races date interracially, usually by whites to seem more diverse and “not racist”. Once they have dated outside their race, they usually break up. The saying “Once you go Black you never go back” is usually said exclusively by black guys. Whereas there aren’t a whole lot of examples to actually give evidence as a result of. If you actually ask white girls, they usually say they aren’t attracted to black guys and white guys say the same about black girls. All I’m saying is, it’s okay for aryans to only want to date aryans. If that’s somehow “racist”, then maybe racism is okay. My advice to whites is if you don’t want to date interracially, you don’t have to and that’s perfectly okay. It’s okay to only want to date within your race.

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