Is Race Real? :A Reexamination

I hear a lot of people (usually blacks and other minorities living in white countries) talking about how race doesn’t exist. Of course they never actually go any further than that. When it comes to these types of issues, social construct is thrown around a lot. In fact, the concept of social construct is a social construct. These are not things that scientists say, these are things that social scientists argue. Aryans get a lot of criticism especially. More than anyone else, the Aryan race is said to not be a real race or at least a misunderstood race(even though that science is also settled) and that anyone who believes in it deserves to burn in the hottest place in hell.
Just an observer without any scientific knowledge would understand that skin color, facial features, eye color, and the fact that certain races are more susceptible to different diseases and disorders is plenty of proof that anyone can understand. In the simplest of terms, when different groups of people are separated from each other, eventually certain traits become expressed and others get weeded out of the gene pool. As time goes on, the different races develop traits that are specific to them and give them distinct attributes. For example, the Negroid race developed darker skin, the Caucasian race mainly has a variety of different colors of hair and eyes and the Asian race have a distinct eye characteristics. However more recently and I’m sure all of you have seen how and other organizations have ways of telling not only what race you are, but the specific countries you come from. So with all this new information, we can now say without a doubt that race is real and is also measurable.
So the question you’re probably asking is, why have all of those articles LIED about this topic. Why do they know one thing and say the polar opposite. I have personally brought up the evidence for the Aryan race in public debates, and the blacks in the audience lose their minds. Part of the fact is that they are usually social scientists and not laboratory scientists who perform experiments with a control. In social science, certain ideologies became popular such as throwing around the overused “social construct” claim or that race only exists in the minds of people. The main reason is they are probably afraid. It is unpopular to say that there are genetic differences between the races. At this point in time honest psychologists or sociologists could possibly be blacklisted for speaking what they know. If the Aryan race is even mentioned, that seems to be the conversation killer of that debate. No one actually wants to talk about the genetic evidence for Aryanism.
I would encourage all psychologists or social scientists in general to be more open and honest. You are not helping anyone by staying silent.

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