What Will Leftists be Doing When Diversity Fades Away?

With everything going on, I think it is truly appropriate to talk about what the white left wing beta cucks will do after the inevitable swinging back of the pendulum destroying everything they tried to create. This is the top 5 things leftists will do with their time post diversity.

5. Leftwing baby boomer politicians will be imprisoned for treason, when it’s discovered they never had Eurocentric national interest concerns or commitments.
4. The Jewish heads of different institutions will go to debtors prison for not paying on their mortgages of academic programs that no one wants to indulge in. Hollywood directors and producers will be dumbfounded at how any idiot can write a good movie and get it to the public immediately without them. The media will realize they are no longer relevant or cool and will slowly become comedy shows much like the daily show with less truth.
3. The feminists will get fatter and less healthy than they already are and pretend like they choose not to be with men, when in reality no one would fuck them anyway.
2. Reading over Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” to see if he talked about what happened in the event that the plan falls through.
1. It doesn’t matter because they don’t have children and we won’t be burdened with their future generations.
Did anyone see those coming? I sure didn’t. I’m glad I’m not a leftist because I would be shitting myself now or trying to come up with an excuse for why I wasn’t a white nationalist. You know… something like “Oh I thought it was opposite day”.

What will the world look like Post “Diversity”?

So I’ve been asked this question several times in the past 4 months. It seems that “diversity” and globalism for that matter is on its way out. After the brexit referendum, Donald Trump’s rise in popularity, not to mention the success of American Renaissance’s message, we can clearly see that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.
So first of all, why is this happening? From the beginning of time, in the animal kingdom, like animals stick together. That is the way it works. When we tried to force integration when it comes to blacks, american indians, as well as many other ethnic groups, the overall attempt, while noble and notable, failed miserably. The reason for this failure is because when you have more than one culture and ethnic group, they cannot really coexist without one trying to overtake the other. The other downfall is the fact that actually asking one to forcefully assimilate is really disrespectful to either side and thus another ineffective concept.

diversitySo now onto the meat of the article. What will the world look like post diversity? A lot of people(mainly people on the left) are terrified by this prospect. What does this mean? It means that diversity as it has been promoted for the last 50 years doesn’t work and in fact can’t work. The short answer is, the world will be fine and in fact a form of real diversity will exist again. What this means is each race will develop its own cultures again, rather than pretending like all races and cultures are the same and can coexist within a society. The truth is, the modern day concept of “diversity” is actually very old. Many civilizations tried this, whether it be the babylonian empire, persian empire, spain(however reluctantly) or countless others. Every attempt failed for the very reason that diversity promotes mistrust, conflict, and extreme friction. Well if that’s the short answer, the long answer would be, just sit back and watch.

Top 5 Cucks

This is a very difficult list to compile. Espcially in recent years, there have been a multitude of cucks that have arrived in the western scene. For the purposes of this article, we will just stick to the 5 cuckiest people. So with that in mind, I guess we should just start off then.

5. Martin O’Malley- This guy made the list for one simple massively stupid mistake he made. He was on stage and said that all lives matter when the #blacklivesmatter crowd were in the audience. At which point they began jeering, forcing him to retract his statement, apologize, and start chanting, “black lives matter” looking like a huge moron in the process.
4. Mark Cuckerberg, I mean Mark Zuckerberg, notice that I could easily erase that mistake.This is a guy who pretends to be the provider of friending and connecting, of course there is a clause in that agreement being, as long as you don’t criticize Islam, EU laws, or the Jewish State of Israel.
3. Rotherham- I don’t really know who is specifically responsible so I’m just going to make fun of the whole area. Ironically this is a massively sad situation and I feel a little bad about doing this, but I feel it’s important to hold them up as an example of what not to do. This is a case of Arabic Muslims forcing underage girls into a form of sex slavery. The worst part of this case is that everyone knew what was going on, but because they were non white perpetrators and white victims, they decided not to pursue any kind of legal, resistive, or just common sense action to correct that problem. They believed that it was more important to not be racist than to keep their daughters safe. For that, Rotherham deserves to be criticized.
2. College Students- Now hear me out here. I know you might be thinking, that’s not just one person that’s an entire group of people. Yes. That’s technically true, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to lump them all in and generalize. These are the people who go out of their way to pretend like they care about other culture(black culture, mexican culture, and islamic culture) when these specific cultures don’t give a shit about the white culture. They don’t care that the tolerance seems to only be a one way street. Not to mention that stupid british college students after the brexit vote, were complaining that they would no longer benefit from cultural enrichment, whatever the hell that means. If you want to experience other cultures, go to the source aka travel.
1. Angela Merkel- I feel like this one is obvious and I always hate to go with the obvious answer, but I seriously couldn’t think of a better person as number 1 cuck. She is a cuck, because she doesn’t have children, which means she doesn’t have any skin in the game, and decided for the whole of Germany that it was better to have your citizens be raped than to be called racist. There is also footage of her at some type of political press conference and she grabbed the German flag, which was being waved and took it out of the camera’s sight. She makes me so angry, I think I should stop right now and restrain myself. Before I do though, I’ll just say that she’s the cuckiest bitch ever. Okay I’m done.

-Don Rockwell

Why Racism Isn’t as Bad as We Thought!

For the past 60 years, being called a racist, was a way to shut people up. Unfortunately for the far left, they overplayed their hand over the last 10 years and now being called a racist is starting to be considered cool. The main problem with always calling someone racist, even if it were a bad thing, is they never define what it is. Does it mean someone who hates everyone other than his or her own race? Does it mean they prefer segregation but not necessarily hate anyone? What do they mean by it?
I guess we need to observe why it has become a cool thing to be called racist. Look at Richard Spencer and others who are in the alt right who are always called racist. Notice how they aren’t going away. In fact, they’re getting more popular. The reason for this is because being true to your race speaks to a person’s subconscious and shows others that it’s okay to prefer your own race to others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. As many would consider racist, many young people are recognizing the blindingly obvious benefits of this. Just in basic observation, one could easily see that it doesn’t seem to be discouraging people of such. In fact, blatantly racist policies are becoming extremely popular in America as well as europe. Just google search, “Russians beat Migrant” or “funny racist jokes”. It’s very relieving to see that the public is no longer afraid of being called racist as societies have practiced racist policies all throughout history without anyone really fearing for their safety and it doesn’t have to do necessarily with them being less evolved.
niggermania nigger jokes
We can all rest assured that the racism is nothing to be afraid of and finally come to terms with our own prejudices. Realizing that it’s nothing to really be afraid of is the first step.

Different Aspects of Alt Right Movement

Different Aspects of Alt Right Movement:
People since the evolution of the human being have been working towards the rights of the Homo sapiens. Since the beginning, the human being has been starving to get the rights that are due for him, but has never got them ever. Several movements have been led by the people at various times and at various places in the world that strive for the rights of the human being. One of such movements is known as Alt Right Movement. This movement is one of the most famous movements in the world that have gotten successful in providing people with rights and the required privileges. The ALT movement is also known as the alternative right and is composed of the people, who mostly work online and have their point of view opposing to the view points of the typical conservative Americans. People associated with the Alt right movement have their point of views that are liberal as well as open-minded. If you are unaware of the Alt movement, this article will help you loads.
Against the hateful views:
The alt movement is actually a breath air against the obnoxious system that has been prevailing in the world since the beginning. It works against the views of the current political scenes which are basically against the point of views of the youth. The youth party works against the taboo of the current political situation. The points raised by the youth in this movement are the ones that can’t be ignored even by those that are against them.
The way of expression:
The view points of the alt right movement are mostly expressed online. This is done through writing various blogs or podcasts. Along with that, the various social media accounts are also maintained by the people having these points of views in order to spread them off to the other people as well.

Were the Smurfs Racist?

Now already you might be asking what is the Smurfs show doing even close to the realm of an Alt-Right culture publication? What does it even have to do remotely with aryanism? There have been rumors that the smurfs was actually a racist show. The reason for this belief stems from the fact that whenever the darker smurfs enter the picture, they are more or less persecuted by the lighter smurfs. This cartoon series has been thrown under the bus as an old school show with an outdated message. The only problem with this is that not wanting certain people in your society is a natural thought process that everyone on the planet practices. Even people who say they don’t discriminate at the very least don’t like people who do discriminate in their community. The left’s paradoxical way of thinking is very much regressing, hence the over the top “wanting” for “diversity” in institutions such as Hollywood, the media(old media), and Academia.
In the show, there are countless examples of where the main characters which are lighter skinned smurfs keep the darker ones out, restrain them, and have even contemplated a cure or a final solution to the smurf problem. Obviously, you are probably seeing the parallel between the Smurfs and the Aryan Master race theory. Of course the darker smurfs in the show are always portrayed as being angry, antagonistic, and confrontational. I know it sounds silly to examine this cartoon in such a way, but the left started the conversation and thus deserves to be answered and taken down. It sounds like “diversity” advocates are against the segregation of the two kinds of smurfs only because they are different colors and whether or not the darker smurfs are dangerous or would make a contribution to society is irrelevant.
So the question we have to address is which is more important, “diversity” or culture? “Diversity” has become such a waste of time for the simple fact that so much effort has to go into it in order for it to even appear to be working. Now I’ll probably be criticized for saying that we shouldn’t do something because it’s hard. This is true though. Whenever the effort you put into a system just to go about day to day life exceeds that of progressing in technology, art, culture, and other parts of society, that is a massive problem for everyone. The fact is, everyone segregates themselves according to race. Only in hollywood movies do kids have a member from every race on the planet in their circle of friends. This never happens in real life unless it’s forced. Go to any high school and you will see blacks sitting at one table, whites sitting at another, and mexicans sitting at yet another. Imagine a world where we don’t have to waste time on diversity training at work, where aryans can be proud of our accomplishments, and people don’t have to enter into a reluctant interracial relationship just to prove they aren’t racist. I know it may be redundant by now, but it is absolutely necessary to stress the importance of Aryan pride at least in Aryan nations. The greatest gift you can give your children at this stage of the game is a sense of white pride. Aryans are the smallest minority on the planet, but are being treated as though they have everyone in chains. I know again it might be extremely repetitive at this point, but why is a cartoon like the Smurfs being scrutinized when an actually racist movie,displaying black racism, “White chicks” goes untouched? I don’t know about you, but I think we need more lighter colored smurfs in the world.

Why did African Nations not Develop like European Countries?

I think it’s time we took an honest look at this question. There is no doubt that only 200 years ago, there was a massive difference between European Cultures(and really there still is) and African Cultures. Whereas Aryan nations had not only created incredible cultural art, music, theater, but also the scientific method exploration, technology and the list goes on and on, the african countries were still basically in the stone age, with the exception of Northern Africa, although those aren’t actually Negroid races. The Northern African countries were racially Hamites and are actually Caucasian. That doesn’t mean they’re aryan, but they aren’t actually black. The question remains, why did Aryan Culture virtually blow every other culture away. For the purposes of this argument, I will focus on the African continent.
So there are several theories on why this has occurred. A very popular postulation is that there hadn’t existed the development of agriculture and thus because of this, everyone had to stay perpetually hunter gatherer societies and not be able to create large metropolitan areas like all of the Aryan Empires such as the Sumerian, Hittite, Phoenician etc or even non Aryan Empires like the Chinese or Egyptian civilizations. These cultures had an agricultural system in place that allowed people to specialize in crafts other than finding food. Well what could be an explanation for why they didn’t develop farming or domesticating animals. Again one theory explains that the climate in which they lived did not allow for mass farming on any scale and did not actually correlate with the brains of the African people. The massive problem with this theory is that when Dutch settlers began to settle in South Africa during the mid 1800s they were able to farm without trouble at all. In fact, you may have heard of them… the Boers. Boer means farmer. Have you ever heard of the Boer wars? So we can say it didn’t have anything to do with climate.
There was another theory that maybe the Africans did not develop the brain power over thousands and thousands of years. Europeans developed farming and all kinds of massive human advances because we were always fighting mother nature. When winter comes around, Europeans knew they had to store enough food so they could eat during the cold months. This forced them to think about the future and set goals and make massive leaps in science to survive and made life a lot easier. This is probably a very good explanation for it. Then again, it’s not like Africans didn’t have their own problems. They had a lot of wild animals running around like lions, baboons, elephants. Are you telling me that this wouldn’t force you to advance and become the lord over these beasts?
Ancient Civiliz - Ome & Pompeii - 15 - 02 - 8
It’s probably a combination of several factors, unfortunately a piece to this puzzle is a rather uncomfortable one for many. Maybe they didn’t advance because they don’t have the intellectual capacity for it. Aryanism has been under attack for this, which probably has more to do with jealousy than anything else. The Aryan Race does not need to apologize for our advances in almost everything. We have a lot to be proud of and in fact should take some credit back that we originally gave without being called racist. It’s not white supremacy to be proud and have some white pride in the cultural and scientific successes of the Aryan Race. Let’s look at any credit given to blacks over the last 200 years that they supposedly earned. Well we know George Washington Carver didn’t invent peanuts, peanut butter, or really anything. Rock and Roll was actually a rougher version of country which came from the Scotch Irish people of Kentucky and Tennessee. The reason these people are given credit for these achievements is mainly pitty. These are unearned successes that black people had little to do with. So the Aryan race should stop giving undue titles and dishonestly promoting black people for things they did not earn. Don’t even get me started on Barack Obama.

Is Race Real? :A Reexamination

I hear a lot of people (usually blacks and other minorities living in white countries) talking about how race doesn’t exist. Of course they never actually go any further than that. When it comes to these types of issues, social construct is thrown around a lot. In fact, the concept of social construct is a social construct. These are not things that scientists say, these are things that social scientists argue. Aryans get a lot of criticism especially. More than anyone else, the Aryan race is said to not be a real race or at least a misunderstood race(even though that science is also settled) and that anyone who believes in it deserves to burn in the hottest place in hell.
Just an observer without any scientific knowledge would understand that skin color, facial features, eye color, and the fact that certain races are more susceptible to different diseases and disorders is plenty of proof that anyone can understand. In the simplest of terms, when different groups of people are separated from each other, eventually certain traits become expressed and others get weeded out of the gene pool. As time goes on, the different races develop traits that are specific to them and give them distinct attributes. For example, the Negroid race developed darker skin, the Caucasian race mainly has a variety of different colors of hair and eyes and the Asian race have a distinct eye characteristics. However more recently and I’m sure all of you have seen how ancentry.com and other organizations have ways of telling not only what race you are, but the specific countries you come from. So with all this new information, we can now say without a doubt that race is real and is also measurable.
So the question you’re probably asking is, why have all of those articles LIED about this topic. Why do they know one thing and say the polar opposite. I have personally brought up the evidence for the Aryan race in public debates, and the blacks in the audience lose their minds. Part of the fact is that they are usually social scientists and not laboratory scientists who perform experiments with a control. In social science, certain ideologies became popular such as throwing around the overused “social construct” claim or that race only exists in the minds of people. The main reason is they are probably afraid. It is unpopular to say that there are genetic differences between the races. At this point in time honest psychologists or sociologists could possibly be blacklisted for speaking what they know. If the Aryan race is even mentioned, that seems to be the conversation killer of that debate. No one actually wants to talk about the genetic evidence for Aryanism.
I would encourage all psychologists or social scientists in general to be more open and honest. You are not helping anyone by staying silent.

Does Interracial Dating Occur Naturally?

A lot of people wonder why there have been a “surge” in interracial relationships over the past few decades. The answer is a lot easier than you would think. It’s a combination of white guilt, pop culture influence, and as usual the media. In a weird way, the media and pop culture are the institutions that actually help implement white guilt, oikophobia, and dishonest dating.
Now if people legitimately wanted to date interracially, that would be one thing, however the evidence seems to suggest that in fact it’s most likely white people, due to the media pounding into them that they are somehow guilty of crimes that aren’t real, pop culture telling people this is how to act and political correctness and cultural marxism. “Diversity” was originally thought up by marxists as a way to tear down western civilization, which was built by aryans, and our way of life. The reason I put diversity in quotes is because it’s not really diversity if it’s forced and unwanted. A lot of people on the left have said that this is just conspiracy theory, but the thing is, cultural marxists admitted to this. The frankfurt school as it’s commonly known as and Saul Alinsky said they wanted to tear it down. Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals”. The argument is over. Who are they arguing with?
Now I just wanted to give a background to how “diversity” has been implemented. The reason I call it Dishonest dating is because different races date interracially, usually by whites to seem more diverse and “not racist”. Once they have dated outside their race, they usually break up. The saying “Once you go Black you never go back” is usually said exclusively by black guys. Whereas there aren’t a whole lot of examples to actually give evidence as a result of. If you actually ask white girls, they usually say they aren’t attracted to black guys and white guys say the same about black girls. All I’m saying is, it’s okay for aryans to only want to date aryans. If that’s somehow “racist”, then maybe racism is okay. My advice to whites is if you don’t want to date interracially, you don’t have to and that’s perfectly okay. It’s okay to only want to date within your race.